OPPO Selfie Stick

RM 45.00

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Color Blue, Pink
Compatible Devices Compatible with all OPPO smartphones including R7, R7 Plus, N3, R5, Find 7/7a and most other mainstream devices with a screen size of less than 6 inches.

To make sure your device is compatible with our Selfie Stick, please follow these steps:

1. Update your phone to the latest available software version. 

2. Plug in your headphones. 

3. Start the Camera application. 

4. Press the Volume Up button on the headset’s controller. 

5. Check whether your phone has taken a photo. If it did, the Selfie Stick is compatible with your device. 


If this method didn’t work, you may try to: 

1. Change the camera’s settings so that the volume keys can act as shutter buttons. Your device might not support this option. 

2. Download a third-party selfie stick app from Google Play to make your device compatible. 

- Do not clean the product with chemical agents. 

- The maximum load of the selfie stick is 1kg. 

- The maximum width of the phone holder is 85mm, but we recommend using it with narrower devices for the safest grip. 

- We recommend checking in your Selfie Stick when travelling by plane.